It’s the personal blog of a somewhat bored retired airplane factory drone. Oddly, my name anagrams to “Never Jet Hot”. Go figure! I have the gamut of old fart hobbies, collecting old matchbook covers, and other midcentury odds and ends; because I want to go back there. We hunt for Geocaches, and used to travel […]

The Secret Admirer

The Mrs. bought some books at a thrift store a while back, and found a Hallmark card inside- (Estimated to be from 1975) The card says on the front, “I’m always telling other people how neat I think you are” (Next to a generic chubby cartoon bear), and inside, “Today, I’m telling you.” below that, […]

Iron snot

Little Lulu* was once a mascot for Kleenex. I don’t think I would like my Kleenex to be as sturdy as Lulu’s, only sturdy enough to withstand sneezing etc. *Little Lulu was a comic book often found at the children’s dentist office, like Highlights. Goofus and Gallant set a pretty low bar for children’s entertainment.

Be vigilant! I guess?

Not sure what the mask situation is from one day to the next, government and trasport still mostly say masks for everybody, but private businesses must get a different flavor of Corona, they’re mostly “whatever floats your boat”. I wonder what army sentries are doing about this? So happy to be retired!

HELP – A highbrow MAD

Back in the early days of MAD magazine, they had some competition- Such as HELP! I like the intricate drawing style of some of this early work, there was a lot to take in, and I don’t just mean Jane in this Tarzan parody. Unfortunately, a lot of the content of Help! was a bit […]

They got the memo

I have noticed that newspaper cartoonists often use variations on the same gag on any given day. For example, the other day, Dilbert and F minus ran variations on a joke involving consultants shooting themselves in the foot. Dogbert is probably right… the people that would buy that book would do so without stopping to […]